Ploogl Entrepreneurship Program

Games are changing the world. Why are you not playing?

Ploogl Entrepreneurship Program is an initiative to find like-minded partners, looking for a profitable investment opportunity while capturing a market which is new and growing, as we speak.

The Economics

Understand the numbers, projections and promises of this program.

The Plan

Understand the mission, the vision and the scope of this program

The Economics

India’s gaming industry is estimated to go up to over 250 billion rupees by 2024

Our Promises

So Far Ploogl has been able to average out on an 11 month ROI of the rental units and an average daily cost of INR 99. Of course, none of this is guaranteed, although we do provide enough assurances!

✔️ Unit Insurance

✔️ Brand Management

✔️ Logistics Management

✔️ Marketing Management

✔️ 1 month Exit Strategy

✔️ Assured Monthly Income

✔️ Minimum Guarantee Bond up to 10%

✔️ Drive conversions from our customer network

Let's understand your earnings
Your Total Investment:

Your Monthly Earnings:

The Plans

Multiple Domains to start

We want to create enough avenues for our customers to access any type of gaming environment easily. With a lot of avenues for a customer to try, our brand association will be spread out across domains.

Rental Stores

An affordable store that provides gaming essentials on rent

Gaming Cafes

Cafes where people go to Dine & Game

Experience Centers

A Hub for gamers who like to take it up a notch!

But How will we ever create enough customers?

We have already spent the past 1 year running our services, marketing and researching on the penetration of this market. Our team is currently taking control of 100+ consoles in limited states. While creating sustainability we found various ways to engage with a different range of customers.

Central Membership

Introducing a centralised system for a customer to access his user history & other features with ploogl

E-Sport Events

Regular online competitions that a player can engage on to find likeminded opponents or team members

Class Apart Ops

We ensure that a customer is dealt with the utmost professionalism and limited loopholes when it comes to serving them.

Influencer network

We currently have 50+ influencers as our strategic patrons, ready to deploy campaigns and promotions based on their individual association with the brand.

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Why choose us with this plan?


  • We bring in our brand value

  • We bring in our logistics expertise

  • We work as your business partners

  • There is no setup fee involved at all

  • Zero to minimum Ops management

  • Zero to minimum Sales management

  • Zero to minimum Marketing management

  • This is a great opportunity to create a network

  • This is a great time to invest in gaming

  • This is entirely a new domain.

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