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Exchange Games

The Following Games are available for you to order if you have an ongoing subscription. You may exchange games at any time.

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How our Network Functions?

We manage over 500 PC/XBOX/PS4 games, these games cane exchanged during the subscription period or individually. Our aim is to build a network of gamers that constantly barter on the basis of their requirements.

Every Month we offer you a free exchange from the list of available games.

You can submit the above form anytime to exchange a game on additional payment of INR 399.

Have a game that you don’t play often? Put it up on our network today and start earning profits out of it.

Get PSN Membership

2 Free Games / Month + Online Gameplay

Want to experience the online gameplay of your favourite PS4 game? Take a PSN membership from us at a better price!

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50+ Free Games / Month + Online Gameplay

Have you verified your profile?

In order to rent a game/console/add-ons you must have a verified profile. Please make sure you submit your verification before placing an order. Verification usually takes 24-48 hours.