The Top 10 Games you must try on PS4

The PlayStation 4 is one of the world’s most popular gaming console by a mile. One of the things that makes it most popular is the games because not only does it offer most of the games available on the rival consoles but also has an incredible line-up of games that are not playable anywhere else.

If you are a true gamer and a PS4 loyalist, the following games have to be on your bucket list right now.

10. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is probably one of those games which are synonymous with PS4. It’s very similar to the “Dark Souls” series. The deeper you get in the game, the more you feel like you’re overcoming your fears. It is also a PS4 exclusive.

9. Journey

If you own a PS4, you owe yourself this game. It is one if those rare games that people cannot seem to forget. It’s a game, yes but it’s more of an experience along with a sublime background score which takes you to another world. It is also a PS4 exclusive game.

8. Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dreams brings to you its latest storytelling marvel with a game that centres around Detroit in the year 2038. The game explores what happens when the Androids gain sentience and start to break their programming. It is one of the most engaging games on PS4, Detroit is all about progressing the story rather than having full control of the actions.

7. Doom

Doom is a fast-paced arcade-style shooter where standing still means dying a gory death. The look, feel, speed and attitude of this game is unparalleled – if this game is anything, it is fun.

6. Dark Souls 3

This is for those gamers who cannot breathe easy until they’ve figured their way out a game. Dark Souls 3 is incredibly hard and incredibly rewarding game. It also has a rich backstory that explains the environments and enemies you encounter, with plenty of references to the first ‘Dark Souls’ game.

5. Ashes Cricket 

Are you a cricket enthusiast, Have two controllers and enough time to beat your roommate at a game of T20? This is a perfect game for you in that case. It has multiple playing modes, easy controls and a wide range of teams. (although any team except Australia and England would not have realtime information)

4. NBA 2k20

Be in the shoes of the greatest basketball stars! Play as Lebron James or Stephen Curry. Patiently Try 3 pointers or rush for the win, it’s all your choice. Play it with your friend, roommate, sibling, parent or just by yourself.

3. FIFA 20

Play in the Champions League and get your team to win the cup or Play as an individual player in the squad to become the greatest of all! With its realistic graphics and fun gameplay Fifa 20 is a must try!

2. GTA V

Play in the parody version of Los Angeles as three variant characters. GTA as a game has an exciting story, really interesting characters and some good looking sceneries. In the End all you might want to do would be to drive around the city.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the finest games ever made with an excellent story, amazing characters, and beautiful graphics. You play as Arthur and are constantly given choices that help you develop your character further. This game has some of the most amazing scenes and a detailed playing zone so you never get bored.

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Everything you wanted to know about PS4

A follow up to the wildly popular PlayStation 3 and it’s predecessor PlayStation 2, the Sony PS4 is a powerhouse of a machine but in a smaller package. It was released in the later part of 2013 as part of the eighth generation of the video game console. Since then, it has become one of the favourites among gamers along with Microsoft’s Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

With the PS4, Sony focused on controller movements, social features that let gamers stream and share gameplay along with functionality, hence allowing people to play games remotely. With the PS4, Sony was determined to correct the mistakes that it made with PS3 and combine it with the mass appeal that the PS2, which remains the best-selling console of all time.

Now with the newly conceptualised PS4, Sony offered better processing and graphical capabilities along with some more features like –

  • The DualShock 4 controller – This new updated controller sticks are way easier to use and its triggers offer increased precision. The DualShock 4 flaunts a Wii-like motion tracking and also has a light bar on top that can change colour with gameplay.
  • Social Features – The DualShock 4 controllers are rechargeable and have a share button that allows you to upload gameplay and screenshots. This share button also doubles as a touchpad, which has functionality in multiple games.
  • Remote Play – Remote Play is a feature that is available for all PS4 games which allows you to play full PS4 games on the Vita, anywhere in the world. In short, the controller isn’t the only thing that controls the PS4 – smartphones, tablets and the handheld PlayStation Vita console can be synced with the PS4 console and control certain features like media.

This near-perfect console has the gamer community on its toes and the only way to experience this greatness is to own or rent one right now. Sony has also launched a new PlayStation app for iOS and Android users to allow the gamer to use the device as a second screen and remote control to display and manage the action from compatible PS4 games.



These Accessories would definitely boost your PS4 experience

Your gaming console rarely ends up being just the machine, does it? Adding a few accessories to the mix really enhances the gaming experience (or at least,  better gaming experience than your friend’s). There is an overwhelming number of PS4 accessories available in the market, but everything isn’t a necessary purchase. In this article, we will break down for you some of the essential accessories that will double your fun.

The Steel Series Arctis Pro

Every gamer knows the importance of a good set of headphones and this is probably one of the best ones available in the market right now. As such, it’s doubly worth considering if you use your PlayStation 4 to watch films and listen to music as well as play games. 

Clarity and audio balance are much better than most of the other sets here. Both the Arctic Pro Wireless and GameDAC versions will work with a PlayStation 4 console, but the vanilla wired version is just for PC – so make sure you pick the right set before buying.

PlayStation VR

The future has been here for a couple of years now and Virtual Reality is one such tech that isn’t going away for a while. The Sony’s PlayStation VR is still one of the high-end virtual reality experience available in the market right now. The headset itself is affordable, comfortable, immersive and is stocked with an increasingly impressive library of games.

PlayStation Move

The only true competition to the Wii motion controls is Sony’s Move Controllers. These are perfect for those who wish to kick their PSVR experience up a notch. With near perfect movement accuracy and precision, PlayStation Move is capable of truly enhancing your VR experience by making it more immersive.

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Charging Station

Every gamer’s ideal day would be lazy enough to settle down for a day-long gaming session, until you realise that your controller is dead. The process that follows this heartbreak, can easily ruin any gamers’ mood and flow when it matters the most. But there’s an easy solution now – Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Charging Station is a dock designed to keep two PS4 gamepads fully charged. Simply pop your DualShock 4 into the slot when you finish playing and it’ll top off while you’re not playing, ensuring the controller is ready to go the next time around. 


These are just some of the accessories which are not just about the show but add some genuine value to the gaming experience as a whole. There are way crazier and frivolous accessories available in the market but that’s for some other day. Until then, keep gaming!

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Want to Earn while Gaming? Here’s your lucky chance.


Remember a time when playing video games was considered to be a waste of time? Well, welcome to the new-age world where playing video games is considered to be a legitimate way of earning money. Imagine, the time has come where you can put those long hours into your favourite games and earn money while doing so. But like any other work, you need to put in some hard work.

So, how does one go about it?

Get paid to live stream

If you own a machine for a Personal Computer and have access to gadgets that will make other gamers green with envy, then you should jump onto the live streaming bandwagon. All you have to do is stream your gameplay in real-time for the world to see and aim to build a larger audience for it, which you can monetize with ads. You will be surprised to find out how many people tune in for a live stream on the internet.

Participate in tournaments

Online gaming tournaments are commonplace for PvP games and the more popular the game, the larger the prize pool becomes. If you think you’re skilled enough to take on the best from across the world, you may be able to earn a decent salary through your wins and sponsorships.

Become a Play Tester

Considering the fact that all of the games that enter the market, have to go through various levels of development, these developers often require outsiders to playtest their games with a fresh set of eyes and mind.


Video games have been a way to escape the chaos of reality and enter a more controlled virtual space that you enjoy. When laying games becomes your job, more often than not, the fun aspect can disappear. But at the end of the day, everybody doesn’t get to make money by doing what they truly love, right?

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Fly through the new york skyline as spiderman, as peter parker, as yourself! You would mostly be on your sofa but it will be better than a Netflix film for sure. Unless you are planning to fly some other way. 😉 (even then, this is better)


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Or you can have a lot more things to choose from. Actually over 40+ games provided by the Electronic Arts team. Here’s the full list.

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