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Meet Ploogl

And change the way you get entertained. Experience Branded Consoles, Immersive Reality & an insane range of games.


We provide both Xbox & PS4 consoles on a subscription model.

VR & Accessories

We provide VR headsets, motion controllers and other accessories to enhance your experience.


We have developed bundles on the basis of ease of access & experience enhancers. These provide gamers with a complete set of experience.

Party Packs

Having a party over the weekends? Add our experiences to it and make it a successful one.

Ploogl is just another reason to be happy!

We believe, our main job is to make entertainment less about ownership and more about the experiences. We distribute our products regularly amongst our community. Our systems are programmed in such a way that it always finds the best experience for your need at the most relevant time.

By creating a distribution model which is currently being tested in Delhi, we have successfully rented out over 50 Consoles, 80+ accessories & 200+ Games. This made us believe that entertainment is also a getaway rather than a commodity. Our mission is to spread this getaway across, so no weekend gets you bored.

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We have tried to make it easier for you to understand the platform

Learn about some of the most interesting ways of earning BitPs, making friends and accessing this closely-knitted community.

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No Hassle

With ownership comes the hassle of maintenance. With our subscription models, its basically us who mantain the product throughout its distribution. Every PS4 is checked and repaired by our inhouse team. You never have to worry about it.

Budget Friendly

Dont want to leave a hole in your pocket? This is the best way. You can get what you want when you want with ploogl. All of that in a budget that suits 86% of our regular customers.

Multiple Choices

With a PS4 you just have a PS4, to rent games, accessories or change the console all together you will have to be more specific with your choices. At ploogl, this is not the case. We infact give you a variety most stores cannot provide.

WE are 100% REAL & LEGIT

We are a registered organization (Ploogl Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), so please dont worry if you by any chance think we are not legitimate. You can verify this by reaching out to us : +91 8929 232 399


We are trying to build a community of enthusiasts and its of the most importance that every memeber of the community is verified to not be a bot 😉

I still dont get what you do!

In simple words, we provide PS4, Xbox, Televisions, Games & Accessories on rental.

Do you deliver the product as well?

Yes we do, but only in Delhi. Currently, We only operate in Delhi and NCR region. In these regions our delivery time is less than 24 Hours.

Do you guys provide Discounts?

Yes, We provide exclusive discounts to our users who contact us on whatsapp. Tip: There is a floating widget which can definetely help you get insane discounts.

Are your prices always fluctuating?

Speifically, on the weekends our prices fluctuate depending upon the demand of delivery. Monthly rates are revised on the inventory size and availability.

What happens if the product breaks in my possesion?

After the delivery process, you have 7 days to detect any defect in the products to get the product replaced. In case the product is found to be faulty after 7 days we will charge you a nominal fee and get the product repaired in under 3 working days.

Are you only available in Delhi?

Yes, Currently we only operate in Delhi and NCR. We want to expand this reach to other cities as well in the coming annual year.

How can I join hands with you?

If you want to work with us, have some ideas for us or simply want to become a contributor you can reach out to us on :