Everything you wanted to know about PS4

A follow up to the wildly popular PlayStation 3 and it’s predecessor PlayStation 2, the Sony PS4 is a powerhouse of a machine but in a smaller package. It was released in the later part of 2013 as part of the eighth generation of the video game console. Since then, it has become one of the favourites among gamers along with Microsoft’s Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

With the PS4, Sony focused on controller movements, social features that let gamers stream and share gameplay along with functionality, hence allowing people to play games remotely. With the PS4, Sony was determined to correct the mistakes that it made with PS3 and combine it with the mass appeal that the PS2, which remains the best-selling console of all time.

Now with the newly conceptualised PS4, Sony offered better processing and graphical capabilities along with some more features like –

  • The DualShock 4 controller – This new updated controller sticks are way easier to use and its triggers offer increased precision. The DualShock 4 flaunts a Wii-like motion tracking and also has a light bar on top that can change colour with gameplay.
  • Social Features – The DualShock 4 controllers are rechargeable and have a share button that allows you to upload gameplay and screenshots. This share button also doubles as a touchpad, which has functionality in multiple games.
  • Remote Play – Remote Play is a feature that is available for all PS4 games which allows you to play full PS4 games on the Vita, anywhere in the world. In short, the controller isn’t the only thing that controls the PS4 – smartphones, tablets and the handheld PlayStation Vita console can be synced with the PS4 console and control certain features like media.

This near-perfect console has the gamer community on its toes and the only way to experience this greatness is to own or rent one right now. Sony has also launched a new PlayStation app for iOS and Android users to allow the gamer to use the device as a second screen and remote control to display and manage the action from compatible PS4 games.


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