Hey You!

Are you having a tough week?

Cannot go out due to the pandemic?

Have the same simple routine of Netflix & Chill?

Well, Maybe the weekend can be a bit better!


Well, there are several opportunities!


You can roam on the streets of LA (well Los Santos to be honest). Drive like a freak without being arrested (you might probably get killed, the cops don’t look twice before gunning you down!)


Go Discover the wild wild west. Get some of the most alluring views, with some of the most epic gunfights and answer some serious question on your way to redemption!


Become a spy, a stealth specialist, bald-headed Agent 47. Figure out unique ways to execute a target and become the best-hired gun there ever was (About a handful of people would know about you so it’s not really a big deal).


Fly through the new york skyline as spiderman, as peter parker, as yourself! You would mostly be on your sofa but it will be better than a Netflix film for sure. Unless you are planning to fly some other way. 😉 (even then, this is better)


Visit the ancient land of Greece, take a leap of faith, in-game and with us as we help you experience an action-packed journey. (while keeping the code of an assassin intact)


The Norse Era is here! Kratos is bigger and better. The Graphics are too real and the experience of throwing an axe has never been better. (Calm down, this is just a game)


Experience the world after everything is over. Basically, post-apocalyptic Call of Duty/Crysis/Left4Dead all combined into a singular experience! You might not expect what you are getting into (only if you have a weak heart, you loser)


FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! (anyone can beat McGregor by pushing the right buttons IYKWIM)


Can you challenge your roommate to hit at least 30, 3 pointers with Thompson? Okay, let’s make it easier, do it with Stephen Curry. Post a story about it, tag us, and if the stars are right we will give you a weekend for free. 30 is a big number.


Who is the GOAT? Don’t argue man, maybe play and prove it. With your roomie, wife, dad, son, whoever has this argument with you regularly. JUST PROVE IT TO THEM (its Messi of course)

Or you can have a lot more things to choose from. Actually over 40+ games provided by the Electronic Arts team. Here’s the full list.

How much does it cost me?

Not more than 2 Zomato orders.
Not more than 2 Movie tickets.
Not more than 1 Zangoora show! (That Sh*t is too expensive!)

Okay, FINE!

Have it your way. You want a discount, right?
Just use ‘PlooglWeekend’ as the coupon code and get INR 200 Flat OFF.

But first,

let me take a selfie

Make sure you are a verified registered member. They get things faster and cheaper. (we don’t charge any security, like none, nil, nothing, NADAAAA) But you can have a great weekend for sure!

Let’s start with this one. Or any other. It’s your choice man.

Do what-ev-r you wanna to do!